About Me

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Allyson Bauman and I am a southwest Michigan portrait photographer. I have always loved taking and looking at photographs -- there is something so incredible about capturing a moment and literally being able to keep it forever!! And while I'm quite fond of a perfectly posed/lit/smiley image, I embrace the "in between" moments, where I get a glimpse of true personality. Those are the images that are cherished by family members and friends for years to come, and a huge reason I began taking pictures for other people!
I live in St. Joseph, Michigan with my wonderful husband, Michael, and our two boys. I am also a full-time speech-language pathologist for a local school district, working with little ones all day, every day and I just adore it! In our spare time, we like to be with family and friends, stay active, and enjoy Lake Michigan during the warmer months!